We at Ace Tattooz believe that everyone is at its own pace & journey in learning Art, it cannot be time bound , so we have not set any fixed time for learning the art of tattooing, it can range anywhere from 3 months to 6 months n more if required, if u have an art background that will certainly help, but even if u have no art background & have Passion for Art & Dedication, it’s very much possible to be a tattoo artist.

A tattoo is one of the booming industry in India today. It has a scope of freelancing from home or opening up your own tattoo studio it has recently picked up the pace in India and has a bright future ahead

Anyone who is above the age of 16 and has a passion for art can learn to tattoo with right professional guidance. A certificate of elementary and intermediate that’d help you to learn easily

tattooing is a flexible profession can be done part-time along with your current job or tattooing can also be a full-time profession.

Like any profession, tattooing can give you returns by the numbers of hours you put in. It can give you returns as per the person having a 9 to 5 job and also a person owning a company.

We can allow you to make mistakes on paper instead of making it on somebody else’s skin and spoiling it forever. So only when we think you are ready to take on tattooing on real skin we would not allow you to tattoo before that, which can be anywhere around 3rd month of your tattoo training course.

Yes, depending on your art work and dedication we can offer you an internship at our studio

The course what we have is a syllabus based course, so we don’t work on batch basis instead of its more flexible depending on the learning speed and availability of the student and the artist. Averagely around 5 days a week for 3 to 4 hours is what we think is good enough. You can also learn on weekends.

Yes, we have the flexibility of timing at our studio so you can learn full day on weekends as well.

Around 16 to 18 years of age is good enough to learn tattooing.

Yes you will get a certificate from ace tattooz after completing all the designing and hygiene criteria.