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Preparing a simple tattoo

we’ll prepare a simple tattoo, showing the motions and techniques that are needed to progress. Text and videos on the preparation of the tattoo, without any speed-ups and editing, including step-by-step instructions and materials.



Hatching and cross-hatching are linear drawing techniques that can be used to create texture, value, and the illusion of form and light. Typically used as an application technique when the medium is linear in nature, hatching and cross-hatching are often used together.

Both techniques work well with a variety of different drawing mediums including pen and ink, graphite, coloured pencils, and pastels. Hatching and cross-hatching can also be found in traditional printmaking techniques such as etching and engraving.

Color realism

Color realism tattoos are a stunning example of artistry that you can wear for the rest of your life. Vibrant colors and dynamic scenes create tattoos that look so real they could almost be photographs. These can be done of a variety of subjects and are popular due to the fact that they can look so incredibly real. Many of these look like they could just jump right off the skin.